Happy Saturday!Makin’ like Elle Macpherson with a rooftop breakfast


Happy Saturday!
Makin’ like Elle Macpherson with a rooftop breakfast

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Sex and the city 2

something has changed!! Where’s Manolo??

Here there are some of the shoes worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in the second episode of “sex and the city the movie”. Diffenertly from the serial and from the 1st movie, the costume designer P.Fields chose different and a wide rage of new trendier shoes designer, such as Christian Loubutin and Giuseppe Zanotti. We can agree so, that Manolo is no more the 5th character of the serial!

Carrie Loubutin’s shoses:

Christian Louboutin Studio 120 peep-toe pumps, available for $1,895

Christian Louboutin’s Gino T-strap heels$865

Sex and the City

French designer: Dior

Dior extreme Gladiator sandals: the actress Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshaw) worn them several times in the movie and in different nuaces. We saw these pair of shoes in black brawn and gold. They cost around 770$ but the costume designer Patricia Field steted that the movie didn’t endorse Dior.


4 Barbie-sized pairs of shoes accompany each doll, each in their very own Louboutin shoe boxes.

“She needed great shoes, a thinner ankle and, to me, as I’m obsessed with feet, a foot more curved,” the designer said. 

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Manolo Blahnik and Sex and the City

The Spanish shoes designer has always had an important role in the serial Sex and the City. His name is frequently pronuoced and few people stated that he can be considered as the 5th character of the serial. Obviously he has an important role in the movie too, where his “something Blue” shoes assumes the role of the symbol of the Love between Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Mr.Big (Chris Noth). This shoe was custum made specifically for the movie and it costs around $895.

in the movie we can see other Manolo shoes such as the peep-toe worn by Carrie in the second picture and the Searby Zebra Print d’Orsay ($675).

Again the same struggle: Italian vs. French shoes designers!

The devil wears Prada

The costume designer of the movie Patricia Fields (who put together also the costumes of “Sex and the City”) chose French designers, no less than Christian Loubutin and Chanel, for the “boots part”. On the other hand she chose Italian designers for the “high heels part”. She wore Andy Sachs’ feet by Giuseppe Zanotti, Marni and Dolce and Gabbana.

Christian Loubutin and “the proposal” between fiction and reality!

The first 2 pics are from the movie “the proposal” (2009) were Sandra bullock wears Loubutin Mini Bout pumps during the movie. These shoes cost the company 855,00 $, they are well recognizable during all the movie.

The last picture is about a true story. It’s about a joung man that made his proposal on the famous red soles in Palm Spring! read the article to know all the details!!

Gossip Girl: Italian designers vs. French ones.

French designer: Christian Loubutin

Here’s the last post about the tv serial Gossip girl. This one is about Christian Loubutin’s shoes I’ve chosen just three examples, but in the serial you can see a lot more Loubutins. These shoes are from the 4th and 5th season!

Loubutin Winter Trash: $1,095.00

Loubutin Quepi Reci platform shoes: $ 695.00

Louboutin Ernesta T Strap Satin: $ 925.00

these are the shoes that made the history and the success of the French maison Roger Vivier. The first time they appeared was in 1967 in French movie “Belle du jour”. Here the young Catherine Deneuve were the famous buckle shoes by Roger Vivier. These shoes are today, as well as the buckle itself, the symbol of the company. The designer made more modern version of this model as the one we saw on Blair (Leighton Meester) on Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl: Italian Designers vs. French ones.

French Designers: Roger Vivier, Yves Saint Laurent and Cholé.

Here’s the first post about French designers’ shoes in the serial Gossip girl. You can see the shoes from some episodes of the 5th season. Besides Roger Vivier, whose company is specialised in shoes, the other two, Y.S.L and Chloé are great companies who are more focused in the collection itself.

A little curiosity: Roger Vivier as well as Salvatore Ferragamo is best know for the invention of the stiletto heel. The paternity of the “stiletto” is still uncertain!

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